Top Five Highlights of Luxury Dubai Holidays

luxury dubai holidays

Top Five Highlights of Luxury Dubai Holidays

Are you thinking of booking Dubai Holidays this year? Well if you are going to plan for any type of vacation you must have some kind of travel or holiday plans, which are not just made by someone’s amateur imagination but rather with a lot of planning. When you decide to book Dubai Holidays then it’s because you want to go there and have the ultimate vacation experience. And since Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form a UAE (Emirate of Dubai) you do have quite a lot of options when it comes to travel and tours. So what exactly do you need to take into consideration before you plan your Dubai Holidays?

Luxury Holidays: One of the many benefits of an extended stay in Dubai is that you can be assured of receiving a top of the line service. The staff at any hotel you stay in will be fully aware of all the amenities available and will always strive to exceed customer expectations. Winning Service Last but by no means least, your Dubai holiday would be built up by you getting one of the most skilled, well-trained Travel Consultants around. Instead of wasting your valuable time trawling through the net looking for sites that offer bargain flights or cheap accommodation deals, why don’t you let professionals make a fabulous luxury holiday for you right in your very own personal capital, on your very own terms, in your very own city, at your very own time and at your very own leisure. Call it Dubai holidays when you get a customized, fully integrated, fully comprehensive, value-added service, delivered straight to you.

Beautiful Gardens: Dubai is host to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, as well as a number of other activities and events that keep tourists occupied and happy. Take part in the Desert Forts and Palaces, wander through the museums and galleries, enjoy the water activities, dine on some of the best cuisine in the region, shop in some of the most exclusive shopping malls and even take part in a number of sports and leisure activities. There’s plenty going on and a lot to do, so why not relax while you are here. When you are on a family holiday with young children, you can guarantee that nothing is going to happen that will disturb your precious sleep, or that your kids might cause any kind of trouble. Dubai has everything you need for a fantastic family holiday.

Culture And Art: Dubai is host to two major museums: the Dubai Museum and the Al Boom museum. The Dubai Museum houses some of the world’s greatest collections of artifacts, including those of ancient cultures like the Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Arabian and Arabic. The Al Boom museum is a contemporary art museum where you can see the best of Arabic arts and craftsmanship. Not to be missed are the Jumeirah mosque and the Dubai port.

Shopping In Dubai: If you’re looking for a shopping bonanza on your Dubai holidays, you won’t be disappointed. There is no end to the number of shopping arcades, markets, souks and malls where you can find everything you are looking for, from clothes to kitchenware to furniture. The traditional markets are still there, but more Dubaiis are now taking part in the shopping craze. It’s like no other city in the world.

Nightlife: Nothing can beat the glittering lights and the lively music in the night clubs of Dubai. You can party till the dawn without getting arrested. Dubai is a safe city for drinking alcohol. You can also try your luck playing poker, billiards and pool on the tables set in the city’s hotels and clubs.

Water Sports: Dubai offers you many thrilling water sports to enjoy during your Dubai holidays. If you want to party, you can head to the Dubai Creek where there are bars, nightclubs, bars, water slides and other water attractions. If you want to swim, there are many swimming pools in Dubai which are family-friendly and offer cool waters. You can also enjoy surfing in the beaches of Dubai or just rent a surfboard and venture out on the waves. Dubai Creek is also a very popular tourist destination because of its commercialization. You can get office space, apartments and even a shopping mall right in the heart of the city.

Sports and Leisure: Sport lovers will love Dubai because they have several top class national and international soccer teams. It is also home to numerous other professional sports teams, like ice hockey, football and volleyball. So if you are a sports enthusiast, you will not be disappointed here. If you have a hobby or an interest, be it golf, fishing, or surfing, you will find it all in Dubai.

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